Transforming Startup Performance

FIGURE80 is an advisory firm that helps early-stage companies build strategies that are distinctive and governance that attracts investors. We work directly with seed to Series C companies and support investors to monitor and strengthen the performance of their portfolio companies.

The world is counting on business innovation to find more effective ways to deliver essential services and transition to a low carbon economy, but competition for investment capital is intense. Companies that demonstrate compelling business strategies, backed by smart, agile governance are in the best position to attract investment.


Enterprises operating in a globalising economy require distinctive business strategies, backed by smart, agile governance

We believe that effective support to early and growth stage companies requires a deep understanding of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, the needs of consumers they serve and the opportunities emerging with technology. Entrepreneurs are cash- and time-constrained, while investors need more targeted and lighter touch ways to monitor portfolio risks. Recognising these challenges, FIGURE80 has developed tools and resources which are tailored to the needs of early and growth stage companies (seed stage to Series C).

Distinctive business strategies


Smart, agile