Building Investment Readiness


Companies: Are you a company seeking to present your business strategy in a way that is clear and distinctive enough to attract investment? Would you like to know what 5 governance improvements will most improve your investment readiness?

Investors: Are you an investor interested in a rapid method to accurately diagnose and address governance gaps in your portfolio, during due diligence or post-investment?

If so FIGURE80 can help

Business Strategy

Building strategies that are distinctive and investible

  • Developing your company purpose, mission and values

  • Presenting your business in the most compelling way to investors to help you secure the capital you need

  • Ensuring your products and services are tailored to match consumer demand

  • Building financial management systems that are fit-for-purpose for your company stage

  • Building high-performing management teams, with the skills you need and the motivation to succeed

  • Measuring, maximising and communicating ESG performance


Building governance that adds value and attracts investors

FIGURE80 is cofounder of Agile Governance* which helps startups build better businesses and raise more capital through strengthening governance.

  • SAGES Assessments. Rapid and accurate diagnostics, insights and recommended actions that will improve business performance and help attract investment. The SAGES (Smart, Agile Governance for Early Success) methodology equips startups and investors with a tool to rapidly measure governance performance and monitor it over time. We take an evolutionary approach, so that governance is relevant at each stage of the company’s growth.
  • SAGES Training. Training for company and investor staff on building governance in startups that improves performance and builds investment readiness.
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* Agile Governance is incorporated as FIGURE80 Ltd


Companies (seed to Series C) who wish to build a business strategy that is clear and distinctive, in order to attract investment, and/or who would like to know what governance improvements will most improve their investment readiness.

Investors interested in monitoring and strengthening strategy and governance in portfolio companies, during due diligence and post-investment.

Foundations who fund innovative, high impact enterprises and not-for-profit market enablers and who want to see sustained growth and performance.

Governance and business strategy

The Founder

Sam Parker has been working with entrepreneurs and investors for over 20 years. With a background of 16 years in international business, Sam was an early pioneer of market-based approaches to development. During 8 years serving as CEO of Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) and 7 years as CEO of Shell Foundation, Sam coached over 150 entrepreneurs operating in emerging markets, helping them to strengthen governance and find the innovations needed to extend services to previously underserved consumers, delivering both business viability and impact.
Sam has served as adviser and Board member of multiple enterprises and not-for-profit intermediaries which contribute to the SDGs, in 2014 earning a Skoll Foundation Award for Social Entrepreneurship. As entrepreneur coach, investor and funder, Sam has an extensive knowledge of organisational development and the key factors for success, as well as a track record of building effective alliances between enterprises, civil society and public sector.

Sam believes that successful impact investing depends on a deep understanding of the needs of the consumer and the challenges faced by the entrepreneurs who serve them. This understanding can only be achieved if enterprises have modern, dynamic governance and clearly focused business strategies.

In 2021, Sam founded FIGURE80 to support high impact businesses build stronger governance and business strategies, drawing on his wide network of associates with expertise in governance and strategy to meet the needs of each client. In this way, FIGURE80 will help to unlock the power of enterprise to build a more inclusive and sustainable world!

Distinctive business strategies

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